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We have successfully designed the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the Casadora Baby website. In our project, we revamped the design of Casadora Baby’s existing website, focusing on aesthetics, accessibility, and usability to ensure that users have a better experience.
To achieve project success, we considered the following elements:
  • We emphasized that Casadora Baby is backed by one of Turkey’s leading textile brands, indicating that the brand has a strong foundation.

  • We meticulously planned our design process, creating design schematics, conducting benchmark analyses, and setting a clear strategy.

  • We paid special attention to the design of each component, resulting in a user-friendly and responsive website.

  • We highlighted Casadora Baby’s significant potential in the children’s textile e-commerce sector, positioning it as a key player in this industry.

  • All of these elements showcase that the project was successfully completed, and an impressive website was designed for Casadora Baby.

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