Logo & Corporate Identity Design

Yontem Research underwent a rejuvenation of their corporate identity and logo design to reflect their strong presence and innovative approach in the industry. We were thrilled to accompany them through this exciting transformation process. As part of the project, we designed a new logo that symbolizes Yontem Research’s dynamic and professional spirit. During this renewal process, we updated their visual identity to a modern and contemporary style, including letterhead, email signatures, envelopes, and other corporate identity elements.
Each design contains unique details that emphasize Yontem Research’s leading position and innovative structure in the industry. From the logo design to the envelope, every element strongly reflects the brand’s vision and professional impact. This renewal visually expresses the quality of services Yontem Research offers to its clients and partners, as well as the company’s respectability in the sector.
You can explore all the details of this project on our website. We designed this transformation of Yontem Research’s corporate identity to contribute to the brand’s future successes. We thank Yontem Research for joining us on this journey and wish them even greater achievements with their new identity.
To achieve project success, we considered the following elements:
  • Innovative Logo Design: The new logo design, created with modern lines, reflects Yontem Research’s innovative and dynamic structure.

  • Mastery in Visual Communication: Design details that express the brand’s industry leadership and innovative character through a visual language.

  • Long-lasting Impact: Design elements that leave a lasting and positive impression on Yontem Research’s clients and partners, reflecting the brand’s vision and values.”

  • Corporate Identity Renewal: Renewing corporate identity elements to emphasize the brand’s strong and respected stance in the industry, offering a contemporary and professional look.

  • Integrated Design Approach: Designing various corporate identity elements like logos, letterheads, email signatures, and envelopes to ensure a cohesive and consistent image of the brand.


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Logo & Corporate Identity Design

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